“My idea of a good picture is one that's in focus and of a famous person.”

 - Andy Warhol

"One day I would like to be quoted."

- Marek Michalek

Hamilton Based Photographer

Based out of Hamilton, On but also working extensively in the Niagara area and Greater Toronto Area.

Photography Specialty

My specialty is in commercial fashion, fitness and portrait photography. My work includes actor and corporate head shots, fitness/athlete photography, environmental portraiture, and extensive work in commercial fashion photography. 


Every photographer bio starts with "life long passion for photography" yadda yadda yadda. Yes of course that's a given. I was one of those "cool" kids in the photography club in high school and spent most of my lunches in the dark room.

Photography Background

I love to be surrounded by imagery. As a kid right up to university I would have posters covering every square inch of my walls to my parents dismay who would then have to patch up the tape torn drywall. While sharing a room with my brother hopefully he did not mind my wrestling phase where my side of the room was covered with pictures of sweaty men in tights.

My interest in photography and movies led me to pursue a career in film. I enrolled in film studies at Brock University. I eventually switched gears to pursue marketing and communications but always maintained that artistic itch to the point where I decided to make photography my career. My marketing background has proven very useful in working with clients and agencies on the commercial side to deliver marketing material that is suited to their business.

More About Me

Wow, you're still reading, you’re bummed there’s no Stranger Things this year also… Well I love watching copious amounts of television and film. I have a Joey Tribbiani love of sandwiches. Too often I eat a bag of Doritos in one sitting (ironic for a fitness photographer huh?). I love fast cars, but driving them slow. In my spare time I enjoy bike riding and hiking. This is starting to feel like a dating profile instead of a professional bio.

Fun Facts

  • I went blind when I was 12 years old (don't worry it came back)

  • After a photo shoot with William Shatner I took the water bottle he left behind hoping to one day retire on the eBay sale

  • I prefer music without lyrics - my favourite music is film scores/soundtracks

  • I learned how to speak English by watching The Simpsons and the Original Star Trek

  • I Googled "how to write an awesome photographer bio"

Why is any of this relevant?

So you stuck around through a lot of arguably irrelevant information. Well to me it is relevant for photography, especially portraiture because portraits are about revealing a part of yourself. I thought I would start by sharing some things about me that go beyond my passion for photography. Aside from surface level likes of mine I hope you can get a glimpse of my personality so you can see what kind of atmosphere I like to create in the studio. I like to get to know someone I am photographing and create a meaningful connection in the short time we have together. I find we get the best photos when I can get some real emotion out of a person. Often these bios feel contrived or clichéd and I hope I swayed away from that a little. In the end I just want to create great images with you while providing an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.