Eastward Facing

Before embarking on a life changing trip to Asia, Ola sat for a portrait session in some great spots in and around Burlington. We decided to capture her in some of her favourite spots at home before uprooting her life abroad. 

After choosing the locations we decided to shoot at sunrise. Aside from some logistical advantages to shooting at ungodly hours in the morning, part of my suggestion of a sunrise shoot was also to inject some meaning into the photos. With doing a sunrise shoot I liked the idea of looking east, toward her destination. Sunrise also symbolizes a new beginning for many. As this was the beginning of a new journey for Ola I wanted to build that feeling of a new start into the photos. 

After taking in a beautiful sunset we jetted off to some of her favourite spots including a local coffee shop and downtown shops that had a gorgeous old world charm.

Late Summer Fashion: Not Ready for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

August is to summer what Sunday is to the weekend. There's that sad feeling that it's all over. Some are excited about the transition to fall, whereas others want that endless summer. To me, that late summer feeling makes me see everything through vintage muted goggles.   

Model: Kristina Jovanovic

Hair and Makeup by Aleksandra Stanojevic

Your Fit NRG

Recently I worked with Your Fit NRG out of Niagara Falls for some commercial photography and video. Here are some highlights of our shoot.

Commercial Photography.png

Ice Beach

A beautiful beach or waterfront always makes for a great shooting location... even if it is covered in several feet of ice.

From Gym to Glam

In the immortal words of Britney Spears (I never thought I would say that) "You gotta work bitch". With Sarah those words couldn't be truer. Someone who is always busting their ass at the gym and drinking green coloured shakes most of us couldn't be paid to drink. For Sarah not only did we get some great beach shots but we also wanted to show what it took to get there. We also wanted to give the Calvin Klein models a run for their money.

Gym/Fitness Photography

Beach/Swimsuit Photography

The One With All The Dresses: Bridal Editorial Photo Shoot

Recently I worked with a great team on a model portfolio shoot with a bridal editorial theme. We wanted to capture some bridal portraits and other wedding-ey photos. It felt like that episode of Friends where everyone was wearing a wedding dress. Good times with some wedding fever!

Creative Photo Session with Kelly

One of the benefits of networking with talented individuals in the photography community is you can put together spontaneous projects that yield some pretty cool results. In this case I had some spare time in the studio so I turned to a great creative make-up artist that i've collaborated with numerous times. 

Makeup/Styling by Aleksandra Stanojevic Model: Kelly Marie

Fitness Photography: Shooting with Rob Monroe

Last week I shot with fitness competitor Rob Monroe again at his home gym in Niagara Falls. He just came off a first place win in his class at the 2014 GNC Ontario Natural Championships and his heading to Winnipeg to compete in CBBF's 2014 IFBB International Events Qualifier this weekend. With Rob looking in peak physical condition he will give his competition a run for their money.