Eastward Facing

Before embarking on a life changing trip to Asia, Ola sat for a portrait session in some great spots in and around Burlington. We decided to capture her in some of her favourite spots at home before uprooting her life abroad. 

After choosing the locations we decided to shoot at sunrise. Aside from some logistical advantages to shooting at ungodly hours in the morning, part of my suggestion of a sunrise shoot was also to inject some meaning into the photos. With doing a sunrise shoot I liked the idea of looking east, toward her destination. Sunrise also symbolizes a new beginning for many. As this was the beginning of a new journey for Ola I wanted to build that feeling of a new start into the photos. 

After taking in a beautiful sunset we jetted off to some of her favourite spots including a local coffee shop and downtown shops that had a gorgeous old world charm.

Tutus & Baby Bumps: Family/Maternity Shoot

It's not often that I shoot family sessions, but when I do it's always a nice break/new challenge. Normally when it comes to photographing kids, I bring out the big guns which refers to my box of animal hats. The octopus is definitely my favourite. This time I went without and it was still successful.

One thing I realize as I do family sessions, especially portraits of kids is that when the day comes that I have my own, I'm going to lose my mind taking photos. I will be documenting their whole life. I will probably just end up with a stop motion animation of them growing up from the hundreds of thousands of photos I will likely end up taking.

My favourite shots are always those little moments when they are not really paying attention to you. They just give a mischievous little look, one of surprise, or awe. You can't help but smile yourself because it's just them being their silly selves.

Model Portfolio Shoot: Vikie at Confederation Park

Booked a last minute portfolio shoot with Vikie. We took advantage of the beautiful late afternoon sun at Confederation Park in Hamilton. The walking trail along the lake has a lot of nice tall grass areas with a wide open view the of lake. Makes for some pretty pictures methinks.