Tutus & Baby Bumps: Family/Maternity Shoot

It's not often that I shoot family sessions, but when I do it's always a nice break/new challenge. Normally when it comes to photographing kids, I bring out the big guns which refers to my box of animal hats. The octopus is definitely my favourite. This time I went without and it was still successful.

One thing I realize as I do family sessions, especially portraits of kids is that when the day comes that I have my own, I'm going to lose my mind taking photos. I will be documenting their whole life. I will probably just end up with a stop motion animation of them growing up from the hundreds of thousands of photos I will likely end up taking.

My favourite shots are always those little moments when they are not really paying attention to you. They just give a mischievous little look, one of surprise, or awe. You can't help but smile yourself because it's just them being their silly selves.