Commercial Real Estate Photography - Toronto Condo Project

Commercial Real Estate Photography - Toronto Condo Project

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography involves creating images for commercial use: for example in advertisements, documentation, merchandising, product placement, and online marketing content. Commercial photography can include on-site photography, architectural photos, product images, personnel and client head shots.

Project Planning

To help assist in delivering images that meet and exceed your needs it is helpful to have as much information as possible prior to a shoot. Project planning consists of determining the project scope and specifications. This is done to identify objectives and allow the production process to run as efficiently as possible.

Additionally to prepare as accurate of a quote as possible the following information is necessary to determine the estimated cost.

Image Requirements:

Please indicate the final deliverables that will be required. This includes the number of images, sizing specifications (if there are any) and file type. Final image file will be sent in industry/publication standard format/filetype unless otherwise indicated.

Styling Requirements:

Please specify what styling you require for your shoot and if you are arranging that or need us to arrange that for you. For example, some shoots such as high end real estate photography you may want to consult a home stager or interior designer to prepare the location for the shoot. Additionally, for fashion/catalogue shoots hair stylists, makeup artists, and clothing stylists will be required.

Photo post processing and retouching are done by photographer unless otherwise required. Please indicate if external retoucher will be involved.