Headshot Photography

In our media rich culture representing ourselves online is critical. Whether it be your LinkedIn profile, your dating profile, or headshots and comp cards you use to get actual work having a proper and updated head shot is crucial for success. There is a tremendous amount of psychology behind how we perceive individuals based on their photos. Long story short everyone needs a quality professional headshot for one reason or another.

Headshots for me comprise of two main groups. The first is actors/models. The second is more business oriented headshots and portraits. These can include company website photos, LinkedIn and other social media profiles, or other business related portraits. My approach to these two distinct groups is a little different but at its essence my goal is to deliver great images of yourself. Knowing ahead of time what the usage of the photos will help greatly in setting up lighting as well as directing you so we can create a head shot that is suitable to your target audience. 

General tips to look better in your photos:

Get a good nights sleep and show up well rested
Avoid alcohol the day or two before ( it dries your skin out)
Get nice and hydrated
Moisturize your skin the morning of
Be generous with your lip balm in the days/hours leading up to your session
Don't get a hair cut the few days before, give yourself at least a week after a haircut



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Preparing Clothing for your General Headshot Photo Shoot

Pick clothes suitable to your profession. These photos should show off how you want to present yourself to the world. A hipster web designer will likely have different wardrobe than a corporate lawyer. It's always safe to think classic! Think dark/neutral suit/blazer. Don't be shy about bringing several outfits. I frequently have people come into the studio with suitcases. 

General Styling tips for your Corporate Headshot Session:

Wear clothes that are comfortable and well fitting

Layers can look great in photos

Turtlenecks are always bad... and not just for photos

Avoid clothes with logos, brand names, bold patterns, or graphic prints

Simplicity is best - choose neutral patterned clothing

If you're not wearing a jacket/blazer choose dark coloured tops

Colours that work best for clothes are blues, greys, and whites - however some people look awesome in bright outfits - just depends on your personality and the image you want to portray

Ensure clothes are clean, pressed/ironed 

Show up appropriately groomed

If wearing accessories, keep them minimal/simple

Choose clothes from this Century (some clients have been known to choose "old favourites" for their session which make their photos look dated)

Hair/Make Up

Show up how you would typically look. A natural look is always best. It is recommended that you apply some concealer/foundation to help even out skin tones but avoid caking it on. Bring whatever items you would need to touch up your look to your session 


A frequent question photographers will get. Should you wear your glasses? If it's part of your everyday look than absolutely. If you choose to go without give yourself some time after taking them off so the little red patches by your nose have time to disappear. If you do wear your glasses give them a GOOD clean. Make sure there are no finger prints, smudges, oil, etc. Avoid coloured contacts! Opt for clear. Coloured contacts can look pretty fake in high resolution photos


Do a nice trim so hair is an even length, if clean shaven get a good shave before your headshot session. It's a great time to try a straight razor shave.

Preparing for your Actor/Model Headshot Photo Shoot

Consider the suggestions above. Bring a number of different outfits that will show a range of looks that you could market to casting directors. Practice various expressions in front of the mirror before arriving at the studio. During our session we want to capture your individual personality but we do want to consider what your look can be suited to. Think about types of roles that your look is suitable for. If modelling is your intention please state ahead of time the genre of modelling you wish to pursue. 

Styling tips for your Actor/Model Headshot Session:

Bring 5-10 outfits to have options for our shoot 

Wear clothes that are comfortable and well fitting

Avoid clothes with logos, brand names, or graphic prints

Simplicity is best - choose neutral patterned clothing - we want to focus on your face and expression

Ensure clothes are clean, pressed/ironed

Show up appropriately groomed

Many gentlemen like to capture two looks by showing up with a beard and shaving mid shoot for more variety