Production Notes Editorial "Paradise Found"

Editorial showcasing Pascale Swimwear. Concept will be "Paradise Found". A group of of well-to-do sailors are enjoying the open sea when a storm ship wrecks them on a deserted island. Our group/couple begins to explore the beach and jungle to discover paradise. Really want to emphasize luxury lifestyle for the boat portion and get an exotic and adventurous feeling for the beach and jungle location.


Marek Michalek

Photographer: Marek Michalek

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Swimwear Designer: Marina Pascale

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Rob Monroe



Location #1 Boat

Shooting in Oakville. Wardrobe will feature summer wear, transformational swimwear (swimwear being adapted into daily wear to show versatility). 

Location #2 Burlington Beach

At Burlington beach we will shoot the beach and some of the 'jungle' portion with the greenery at the base of the beach. Wardrobe for this portion will be largely swimwear but some shots of models shipwrecked and wet in their boat clothes will also happen.

Location #3 Albion Falls

At the falls we will shoot on/in the waterfall as well as the surrounding greenery and the cliffside rocks. Wardrobe will mostly be swimwear.

Props: Hats, sunglasses, accessories

Mood Board

The following images give a sense of the feeling/mood I would like to get across in the images. They are divided by each part of the shoot.

At Sea

Hitting the Beach

The Jungle