TF Shoots Policies | Procedures | Requirements

Like other creatives I like to flex my creative muscles every once in a while and work with other passionate individuals to create some awesome images that might be outside my regular shooting. These are unpaid shoots for all parties involved.

Below will outline my policies, procedures, and requirements for a TF photo shoot. I am particular about who I do TF shoots  so please be aware of the conditions below so we all have an appropriate expectation of what we will contribute and we will receive.

What is a TF shoot?

Within the photography/modelling industry a TF shoot means trade for shoot where photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, etc do a photo shoot in exchange for each others' time. The idea is for each party to receive value in exchange for contributing their time and skills to the photo shoot. Parties will receive retouched photos in exchange for their contributions to use in their individual portfolios. Please see deliverables below for specifics.


Model Release

A full model release must be signed for all TF shoots. Photos will not be released until the model release has been signed. Please read the release in full prior to accepting the shoot. It is a industry standard model release form. The release is signed digitally using an iOS app called Easy Release.

The release will require your full and accurate information. An example of why this information is required in a release would be in order for a publication to accept the submission they require that info. You will need to use your real name (not stage name) in the release.

You can see an example of the release here

Image Requirements

Images may not be altered in anyway.

This includes:
Instagram or other creative filters
Removal of watermarks if any are present (I typically don't add watermarks to final images, if I do you will still receive a version without)

Deliverables and Expectations

As part of our trade agreement you will receive 5 fully retouched high resolution images as chosen by you. Regardless of how many setups/outfit changes that will be the amount of images produced. I may edit others at my discretion which you will also get copies of. You are free to use the images for personal promotion and portfolio purposes. You are welcome to use these images on comp cards and provide them to modelling/talent agencies.

Images may not be used for commercial purposes without permission from photographer i.e. used by clothing company to promote their brand or by a supplement company sponsoring athlete. 

A selection of proofs will be provided for you to choose from.

Photos will be delivered within two weeks (usually a few days) of the shoot day unless otherwise noted ahead of time.

Effort is taken to provide value to all parties involved. For models the 5 images are meant to showcase their best looks that will add value to their portfolio. Hair and makeup artists may receive additional non-retouched images to highlight their work. i.e. close up of eyes, nails, hair etc...

Shoot Details

Shoot length - It will depend on the concept and location but typically 2-3 hours
Concept - It is ideal to decide upon a concept or shooting direction before the shoot
Location - Shoot will be at my studio at agreed upon time unless shooting outside on location
Hair/Makeup - Not provided by default. Effort is made to find someone available, you may also bring your own HMUAs
Images Delivery - Images are provided digitally through Pixieset in password protected gallery
Delivery Time - Up to two weeks unless otherwise stated
Final Deliverables - 5 retouched high resolution images 

Providing Credit

Please provide credit to all applicable parties when posting photos online. This includes their websites, Facebook pages, Model Mayhem credits, etc Prior to shooting please provide credit details to all parties involved. 


Why 5 images?

Providing 5 images gives a good variety of shots from our shoot to use in your portfolio without the images becoming repetitive or compromising the integrity of the images. By coming to me it is assumed you like my work and trust my artistic choices in order to provide you with great images that will benefit your portfolio.

Will the images be watermarked?

You will receive un-watermarked images so you can use them for promotion as you wish. Sometimes I will include watermarked web resolution images. I would request that you use those ones online to help promote me as well however you will still get watermark-free images. 

Why are the terms of your TF shoots different than other photographers I have worked with?

Every photographer will provide different deliverables when it comes to TF shoots. These are my requirements and expectations based on the value that I provide. Some people will give you 30 edited images and 1000 proofs, and some will give you 2 edited images with no proofs. I believe my deliverables to be fair in our exchange of time/efforts.

Are escorts okay to bring to the shoot?

Like any other photo shoot you are welcome to bring an escort to our photo shoot. If in studio they are to remain in the seating area.

Can I unpublish/request removal images in the future?

As part of the model release you relinquish all rights to the photos for their usage. Technically a photographer does not have to remove any images they have taken if they abide by the terms of the model release. That being said i'm a pretty cool guy so if you decide you don't want photos online I will take them down, and have done so with every person that has requested that of me. Do keep in mind however that once something is on the internet you lose a certain degree of control and sometimes the images end up in places where we have no control over removing them. I will remove them from any platform I have control or access to. But if you are reading this Kate Upton I would really prefer to keep your images on my website.