15 Signs You Are A Photographer

Signs you are a photographer.jpg
  • Most of your Facebook statuses are “Editing tonight” or “Check out this teaser”

  • Currently or at one time your profile picture is a film noir style low key black and white photo of yourself

  • You have numerous odd shaped black bags – carrying cases for every piece of equipment imaginable

  • You have a love-hate relationship with Instagram

  • You raise an eyebrow when your friends with DSLRs call themselves photographers (Photographer friends of yours probably did the same when you told them you were a photographer)

  • You have an accountant friend who would like free photos taken as a favour, but charges you to do your taxes

  • You can be awake at all hours of the day and be in any condition to get the perfect shot

  • You can never stop buying equipment. There is always something you need

  • When attending weddings you don’t watch the bride and groom, you watch the photographer

  • You love the stack of gold boxed in your closet and will never throw them away (If you’re a Cannon person insert whatever colour your camera products come in. Black and red? If you are a Hasselblad user you probably have mahogany boxes in your Penthouse storage closet).

  • You see in f-stop

  • You own numerous books on photography and Photoshop you have never read, but you love looking at the pictures

  • You hate the fact the women keep hair elastics on their wrists (at some point you forgot to check)

  • You have to justify to friends/spouse why you spent $90 on a little piece of plastic that has something to do with lighting

  • You have purchased stupid pieces of $90 plastic, you regret buying because you never use them