Model Portfolio

From Gym to Glam

In the immortal words of Britney Spears (I never thought I would say that) "You gotta work bitch". With Sarah those words couldn't be truer. Someone who is always busting their ass at the gym and drinking green coloured shakes most of us couldn't be paid to drink. For Sarah not only did we get some great beach shots but we also wanted to show what it took to get there. We also wanted to give the Calvin Klein models a run for their money.

Gym/Fitness Photography

Beach/Swimsuit Photography

Creative Photo Session with Kelly

One of the benefits of networking with talented individuals in the photography community is you can put together spontaneous projects that yield some pretty cool results. In this case I had some spare time in the studio so I turned to a great creative make-up artist that i've collaborated with numerous times. 

Makeup/Styling by Aleksandra Stanojevic Model: Kelly Marie

Model Portfolio Shoot: Vikie at Confederation Park

Booked a last minute portfolio shoot with Vikie. We took advantage of the beautiful late afternoon sun at Confederation Park in Hamilton. The walking trail along the lake has a lot of nice tall grass areas with a wide open view the of lake. Makes for some pretty pictures methinks.