The Profile Picture Every Photographer Has

Across the internet landscape you are required to have a profile picture/avatar. If you identify yourself as a photographer you are likely part of countless social media networks or online photography groups. Once you officially call yourself a photographer you are almost guaranteed to have one of the following images as your profile picture at some point in time in one or several social media networks.

The Author



Nothing says professional like a nice black and white portrait. This particular look usually has a neutral expression and elegant pose. You may want to show your dramatic and serious side, perhaps create a moody portrait. Usually a great portrait overall but if you are a bit too serious you end up looking like a serial killer, so walk that line carefully.

The Aperture Logo

The aperture Logo.jpg

I would say a large percentage of photographers have dabbled with logo design and have gone through various iterations. One of these iterations surely incorporated an aperture graphic. Perhaps with your name in the middle, or some kind of play on photography related words. Quickest way to achieve that is by spelling photo – foto.

The 'Look at my huge lens' Portrait

The Big Lens Photographer.jpg

Hey everyone, come and see how big my lens is! I’m a really good photographer because I use really big Freudian lenses. It’s huge. I can basically take a picture of your soul with it. If a massive lens is unavailable another expensive piece of photography equipment such as a light meter will do.

The Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs.jpg

You are a posing master. You know how to create a simple yet powerful portrait. Give a nice stern look into the camera and prop your hand under your chin and voila, you have yourself a sharp portrait. Nothing makes for a professional portrait like imitating famous celebrity portraits.

The Model

The Model.jpg

This one often confuses people. Rather than a photo of themselves, or their logo, it is a straight up shot of a model. Who needs to represent themselves when a more attractive person can do a far better job. You may be showcasing your work but it leads to some great confusion to your Facebook fans in Saudi Arabia, who will offer to date you through Social Media.

The Film Noir

The Film Noir.jpg

You are a master of light. Throw one sidelight on your face, up the contrast, and take down that saturation. You got yourself a dramatic moody photo. Nothing says pro photographer like an artistic film noir self-portrait. Not to be confused with 'The Author', this style tends to be a little moodier and grittier. Perhaps more on the aforementioned murderer look side.

*Advanced Level*

The Film Noir - Smoking Cigar

The next level up from the regular film noir photo. Nothing makes a person look cooler than smoking a cigar. There is something so classy and masculine about it (health hazards aside). Plus your knowledge of lighting smoke will make your photos looks extra impressive.

The Old Timey Camera Pose

The Old Timey Camera.jpg

Nothing says established, credible, and knowledgeable photographer better than looking down into a vintage camera. Ideally a Twin-Lens Reflex camera like a Rolleiflex, perhaps a box camera on a tripod, or if you’re in a jam a Polaroid camera will do. For extra points slap on some vintage colouring and tag yourself "in the darkroom".

The Camera Face

The Photographer Selfie.jpg

You don’t have a face as a photographer. Your DSLR body is an extension of your face. Your 2.8 24-70mm lens an extension of your eye. You are not a photographer unless at some point your profile picture was a mirror portrait of your camera up to your face. Every photographer has one of these photos.