Model Portfolio Shoot: Vikie at Confederation Park

Booked a last minute portfolio shoot with Vikie. We took advantage of the beautiful late afternoon sun at Confederation Park in Hamilton. The walking trail along the lake has a lot of nice tall grass areas with a wide open view the of lake. Makes for some pretty pictures methinks.

Digital Dreams 2014: Part III Kharizma Entertainment Dancers - Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the Kharizma Entertainment dancers who performed at Digital Dreams 2014. It was incredible to witness all the work that went into creating these amazing looks. The hair and make-up teams were outstanding in transforming these ladies. The energy in the room was phenomenal and everyone seemed to be having a blast even before getting on stage.

Thanks to Kharizma Entertainment for letting me share in the fun!

Digital Dreams 2014: Part II Kharizma Entertainment Dancers

I had an absolutely fantastic time shooting for Kharizma Entertainment. All the dancers were so friendly, welcoming, and so fun to hang out with all weekend at Digital Dreams. Stayed tuned for the behind the scenes photos.

Will Photographing a Color Me Rad Run Ruin Your Equipment?

It might... if you're a moron.

Recently I shot some images at a Color Me Rad event in Toronto. Once I told people this they freaked and brought to my attention a few blogs that talked about it destroying their brand new gear. Many of these blogs were on lens rental company websites who refused to rent lenses for these events. That's their prerogative of course.

These articles draw your attention the the dust that infiltrated every crevice in the lens which required them to be cleaned from the interior. My first major critique of these articles is they noted that the photographers were not close up in the action. I'm going to have to call objection on that your honour. The photos I saw repeatedly used an 8-16mm lens as an example of gear that got ruined. That is an extremely wide lens so unless someone was going for nothing but sweeping landscape shots they  were clearly right in the middle of the action to get good shots from that lens.

The common sense alarms should go off for any photographer when they hear powder being thrown around in the air. As well seeing the images that already exist for previous events you should know what you are getting into. Just prepare appropriately!

So my experience was just fine. I put a cheap rain cover over my camera, used a 70-300mm zoom lens, stood far away and up wind. I was still able to get great shots from far away by using a zoom lens. The other suggestion I would make is not to shoot in the main gathering area/finish line. It can be tempting because you can get a lot of dramatic shots there but that's where you put your gear at risk.

If you plan carefully, take basic precautions and use common sense, you and your gear will be just fine. The best part is you will get some great photos. Everyone is super energetic, they look great, and people gravitate toward photographers with all of their enthusiasm.

Here are some of my shots from the day.

Hamilton Fashion Week 2014: James Street Fashion Show

Some selections from Hamilton Fashion Week's Street Fashion Show.

Feel free to use for personal use. Please do not edit, or crop photo and credit Marek Michalek Photography

Model Portfolio Shoot with Bree Leigh

Here are some select images from my recent model portfolio photo shoot for Bree Leigh. We wanted to focus on some fashion and portrait looks for the night. It was a quick shoot but we got some great shots.

Spring is in the Air!

Even though mother nature likes to remind us mid April is still fair game for snow in Canada, it might be nice to get a glimmer of hope for a real spring. Filled with colours and warmth. In the spirit of that warmth we wanted to put together a creative spring inspired fashion shoot that would be wildly colourful and fun.

The shoot itself was a blast which only resulted in getting terrific images. Here are some behind the scene images as well as some of the finished product.

Hair and Makeup by Aleksandra Stanojevic

Behind the Scenes

Pascale Swimwear Talent Casting

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to work with an incredible swimwear designer Marina Pascale. She was scouting some local talent for upcoming fashion shows. We had a fantastic day shooting together and all the models that came out were tremendous to work with. What was awesome to see was how one outfit could look so different on a few different models. The swimwear looked amazing and made my job super easy.

For more information on Pascale Swimwear or to purchase visit:

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Here's a sample of some of our work from the day. 

My 2020 Photography Prediction

Photographers Videographers.jpg

I had a marketing professor in University who said she predicted in the 80s people would pay for bottled water. Seemed silly at the time, now people are paying for what they get out of the tap for free. Her next prediction is that people will make their own pop (soda if you’re American) with those fancy CO2 machines. So my prediction: 80% of photographers will become videographers. This means they will do corporate, wedding, and creative videos as a large part of their services.

There a couple of reasons for my prediction.

1.       Most new DSLRs have a video function built. With the high quality lenses a photographer already has they automatically are stacked with incredible equipment to enter this field.

2.       They have the creative mind suited for video/film production. A photographer has trained themselves to create a compelling image in one frame. They can tell a story with just one shot. That skill alone gives them a stepping stone to creating video.

3.       The financial reasons. Photography itself is becoming a harder sell as a commodity or service. People are reluctant to pay for the service because so many people can do it for so cheap. People are tackling photography projects themselves because there are few barriers to entry for a simple photo project. For video there is opportunity to create quality productions for people at a reasonable cost, and for a reasonable profit.

4.       Content is evolving. The growth of video online has created an entire new market for artistic productions. Online streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have revolutionized film distribution. An individual artist is able to compete on a large scale with minimal resources.

5.       A continuation of the last point, content demand is shifting as well. There is an opportunity for artists to create content the general population wants to see. If it is clever, artistic, well executed, funny, it can be shared endlessly. People want short entertaining videos. They are sacrificing production value for quality content. You could create a 5 minute film that has as large of an audience as Transformers 4.

6.       It’s a new challenge. Photographers always like to push themselves with new techniques, new types of creations. Video production is the natural evolution of that artistic journey. They don’t have to switch gears entirely; however dabbling in video could satisfy a creative thirst.